Build/Project Log - Helipad

Basic Design

My design is based upon the need for a level platform to setup the gyros before take off, and be illuminated for easy take offs and landings..


The Helipad is made out of 18mm MDF routed to form the Central H along with a 610mm 8mm Routed line for the white LED's to me flush mounted into..

Power Feed

The Platform will be fed directly from the Ground station supply via a Cat5e cable. Ths allows a modular build for solo and event flying.

Prototype Build

The LED routing has worked out well, correct depth etc. Next stage to mark out and fit Flashing LED positions.

Final Stages

Final stages of build, just need to finally connect RJ45 outlets and anti slip matting and levelling legs, after unit has been painted.

Deployment soon

More info to follow soon.....
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