About Me

Engineer by day, BIG Kid Weekends.
Building electrical projects and in the near future my Mikropkopter Hexa2, gives me a lot of pleasure. Allowing me to unwind and trouble shoot issues and feel the pride that I have overcome them and others to allow me to better myself and fell good towards others in the same hobby.

John aka Sebbie

Sebbie is my flying Nickname, my real name is John. :) I have been enjoying RC for over 12 years now with limited
access to clubs mainly solo and learning the tricks of the trade the hard way. Since i found the world of Multi rotor Helis I have felt part of a team/family and its a good place to be, after solo isolation. I look forward to meeting many of you and attending a Meetings as soon as i can.   
Donald was a work friend who got me started in the world of RC with a petrol driven car he used to race around the car park and loading bay areas at work, during lunch times. We bonded during a LED light project he wanted for his car and a friendship was made and lots of time and money spent since then by us both.   
The world isn't that big we are told and to be honest it is not, the next step is First person view and i'm sure it'll bring everything a lot closer for me and my friends.   

About Us

MikroKopter Hexa 2.