BL-Ctrl V 2.0

You have to ensure the your motor can't exceed what the ESC can deliver.

BL-Ctrl Version 1.2: 10-12A Continuous power output approx. 160W
BL-Ctrl Version 1.2: Peak current: 20A -> Peak power output approx. 375W (max. several seconds)
BL-Ctrl Version 2.0: 10-20A Continuous power output approx. 350W
BL-Ctrl Version 2.0: Peak current: 40A -> Peak power output approx. 650W (max. several seconds)

That being said you could use the new MK3538 motors with the 1.2 esc by limiting your max throttle, MK3538 can produce 350w
this matches the peak of the 1.2 esc but only for a few seconds and is therefore not a recommended setup as this will really test the 1.2 esc.

My view is that the MK3538 or similar will be more efficient when lifting a 3,5kg okto verse the roxy's, so 1.2 will be fine,

Flight CTRL ME 2.1

The Flight Control ME is a special variant of opes have no temperature drift, so that the MK for example no longer under the "cooling" must calibrate again.
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